Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why it’s Time to Update Your Staff Meeting Platform

When it comes to managing staff meetings, there are a tremendous number of things that could go wrong. However, when you take the right type of planning and consideration into account from the beginning, you can accomplish lot more than you would ever have hoped. After all, that’s the entire point about having meetings in the first place. Just keep the following ideas in mind regarding having a new virtual meeting platform, and you might just be able to get your organization moving ahead much quicker than you would have otherwise thought.

Too Much Time, Not Enough Results

According to Forbes, there are more than enough reasons why many people dislike meetings in the first place. Much of the reason is that individuals view meetings as the only time to work on their specific tasks and goals and then they wind up wasting more time on the meetings while separating those meetings out from their daily business tasks. However, if you are able to combine the two and have online video conferencing as a real option then you can absolutely accomplish the items on your list but not have a psychological perception that improving and conferencing are separate from your daily activities.

Other Items Blocked Off

One of the hardest things to deal with when it comes to meetings is the fact that business meetings require a significant chunk of time to be blocked off. Not only does a meeting in general need to be blocked off just because of the time that it will take, but it also requires time before and after to travel to and from the meeting itself. Throw in the fact that many employees will do their best to avoid any sort of major projects or work before the meeting so that they won’t have to start doing something and then have to cut it short, and you can see why a simple business meeting could wind up taking over hours within your organization.

The good news is that instead of forcing people to meet up in a physical location, you can simply utilize a video conferencing solution for IT teams like BlueJeans in order to jump right into a meeting as though it were just another conversation. There doesn’t need to be a big hype up before the process begins, and the meeting time itself will not only be able to be cute earlier because of the minimal time to set it up, it will also be quicker because of the lack of time spent commuting to it in one shape or fashion.

The Meeting Itself Fatigues People

According to Lifehacker, not only will people become fatigued and generally tired about their role when at meetings that go too long or are too boring, but they can carry that fatigue over into the rest of their day as well. To make matters worse, that general desire to do anything but work will be easily transferred to the people and coworkers around that employee which could make a dip in productivity a likely and very real symptom of bad meetings. The important thing to do is to make the meeting simple, easy to get through, informative, and even fun if that is a possibility. Don’t wear out your meeting attendees and you will accomplish much more than you could realize.

Too Much Following of the Numbers

While the main goal of any organization is obviously to return value to the owners and shareholders within the organization, there is also a time period when individuals are looking to become efficient and passionate instead of just working for the almighty dollar. That is why meetings shouldn’t not be about creating an agenda and shoving the meeting directives into each individual employee’s face, but rather it should be about the ability to communicate openly and honestly. Video conferencing capabilities not only allow for this, but push it onto the participants directly due to the fact that you have to look directly at the individual on the other side of the screen. When it comes to open and the path to arrive at new and complex solutions, video conferencing not only helps to make things work much more organically, but it also helps to get people focused on real creative thinking and problem solving rather than following the checklist set out by a single manager or higher up within the company.

Meetings may or may not be viewed as important (it depends on who you discuss it with), but you do need to figure out how to transfer the most amount of knowledge and information as possible out to your coworkers, employees, and others as quickly and efficiently as possible. For those scenarios you should look into the video conferencing options already available today.

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